Marketing Direct Outreach

marketing direct outreach
George Clay
I call it outreach with a personal touch.
Helping you get your foot in-the-door to establish your presence as a credible vendor well-before the acutal buying process begins.
But you're probably asking yourself how you would get better ROI adding me to your outreach mix.
Question: How do you track who to call?
Answer:  Reaching out to your prospect base in a very personal way is accomplished with a CRM tool I have used for close to twenty three years.
Called TeleMagic, this cloud-based platform simplifies, organizes, and programs even the largest prospecting list into bite-size segments for fast, accurate and highly personalized contact management.
Question:  What about lists?
Answer: Keep it simple. Are there accounts your people aren’t getting to? Buyers you need meetings or demos scheduled to close a deal?
Whatever list you select, fifty or one hundred prospects is all I need to get started.
Question: Anything else?
Answer: I build a rapport to establish a credible business relationship over time and not with a single phone call.
Will my marketing direct outreach work for you?
George Clay
Just reaching out and building relationships the old-school way.
If you’re OK with that lets try something out and see how it goes.
 You’ll find I’m easy to work with and can help you get this done without the hassle and red tape of doing this yourself in-house.


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  • Get through to the right people.

  • Get involved with them early  --- BEFORE buying process begins.

  • Get a better understanding of where they are in the buying process and when to interact with them so you can pre-empt the competition.

  • Simplify, organize and program this process for better ROI.

marketing direct outreach

Adding value while improving your ROI

As we continue to get pummeled by inflation you can bet that everyone is concerned...not just about price hikes but which vendors offer best values.

Get closer to your customers! 

So touching base and getting your ear to the ground and listening ---

Really listening to what your prospect base needs and wants from you has never been more important.

Too many sales organizations ignore this kind of outreach and rely instead on email or voice mail which are OK for plain vanilla outreach.

But reaching out so you can talk with your prospect base to show them you are there to help and listen to what they need goes a long way to building relationships especially with any borderline customers who are close to jumping ship.