Marketing Direct Outreach Trial ProjectMarketing Direct Outreach Trial Project Explained

  • You pick prospects you want developed...any market.
  • VP-level executives...CEOs...IT execs...Buyers...OEM or Channel Sales Partners...System Integrators, etc. etc.
  • Prospects you've met at trade shows...Customers who have drifted away...Subscribers to your newsletters or webcasts. 
  • I give you full notes & clear records of each call at all Daily Call Outcome Reports so you can share information and adjust  tactics

What I Need From You 

I'll need to spend time with you on the phone learning your key selling points and what makes your product or service outshine the competition.

From there I work up a  script and "cheat sheet" with most often asked questions and objections.

You and I review this together --- again by phone.

Oh, one other thing.

For me, customer service is a BIG deal.

So you gotta promise you'll deliver outstanding service to each prospect I bring your way.

Otherwise, this Marketing Direct Outreach Trial project will flop.

1. Select the prospects you want contacted. Your house list of existing prospects is place to start.  Twenty five well selected prospects works fine. Want to try an outside list? That will also work. Just limit your selection to 25 prospects.

2. First round of calls. I begin with introductory cold calls that identify (and eliminate!) opportunities for you to pursue.  Weeding out the weak prospects from the better qualified prospects starts here.

3. From there I make those all important follow-up calls --- During this sales process some leads are upgraded, some downgraded. And only when a prospect is truly qualified for follow-up by YOU do you come into the sales loop.

Starting to feel better about the lead generation business development prospects I send your way?

Sure, it's a methodical lead nurturing process that takes time...but it PAYS as one call lead generation telemarketing never did.

And because I test everything for you with small trial projects you will NEVER waste your money on your new client business development marketing projects going nowhere.

Marketing Direct Outreach Trial Project

Let's try a test! Fill out and send this form.

More Direct Outreach Strategy

I want to show you how my outreach calling works.
How I get through to the right people.
Qualifying their interest and making sure they want to hear from you.
You decide if you get the results you are looking for.
Nothing gets you further than letting people try your product.
I’m a big believer in that.
So, letting you try “my product” with a TRIAL RUN is all I’m asking you to do.
You’ll find I’m easy to work with and I really do care about customer care.
If you’re OK with this then all you need to do is figure out who you’d like me to call.
  • Small Business Owners --- you pick your niche prospects and best markets.
  • Buyers --- get them to hear your story and why you are different.
  • Lost customers you want to win back.
  • Active --- but neglected ---- customers your reps are just too busy to get to.
  • Executives written up in trade journals --- introduce them to what you do while congratulating them on their recent promotion.

Marketing Direct Outreach Trial Project