Marketing Direct High-end Phone Prospecting

 What makes Marketing Direct High-end Phone Prospecting  effective?

First of all, it’s a tested  process that eliminates completely the stigma of old way telemarketing and how cold calls are received. 

marketing direct custom phone prospecting
George Clay

How I contact your prospects is low key…one-to-one and not at all like you’d expect from cold call prospecting.
This approach makes your prospects open to learning more about what you can do for him or her.

Custom Prospecting Tailor Made to Your Specific Industry Niche

But first I learn from you about your customers, your business and how you service your customers —- what they want and expect from you vs. what your competitors are doing.
That way I come across as knowledgable and informed… just as you would want someone representing your organization to be when reaching out to your customer and prospect base,
As you can see from the outline below, it’s a process….and developing the right “pitch” and messaging will take some trial and error testing.

But once we iron out the wrinkles the program works something like this:
My Marketing Direct Direlct High-end Phone Prospecting  process
  • Intro call…real-time interaction with decision-maker or get the name of that decision-maker.
  • I email you — immediately — the results of my call and what you are to send the prospect. Helpful if you and I figure out what key data points you want collected by me in the opening call.
  • Your follow-up email could open like this: My colleague, George Clay, spoke with you today about blah blah blah…and asked that I follow-up with more info on our services…
  • You send the email…and then—according to the time-line given me by the prospect in my intro call — I recontact that prospect real-time and ask if info received..any questions..any needs we can help them with etc….if note…I if I can contact say 30 days or so or if ok to check back time to time.
  • I email you immediately their response and at this stage good to either email again and/or snail mail.
  • Keep the snail mail and email on-going —educating and informing about special offers, etc. 
That’s the Market Direct High-end Phone Prospecting process.

Relationship building…credibility building…lead nurturing follow-up that makes you stand out from the pack. 

marketing direct custom phone prospecting
Marketing Direct Custom Phone Prospecting
A big key to my Marketing Direct Custom Phone Prospecting is a rapid application contact management crm called TeleMagic.
TeleMagic is a great resource not just for phone prospecting but tracking and managing your customer and prospect base.
I recently made a video about TeleMagic — you can see it here.


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Improve Your Business Development Phone Prospecting  

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George Clay

Get updates on ways my  Marketing Direct Custom Phone Prospecting can help your business grow —especially in this economy.

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