Marketing Direct lead qualification phone ideas for testing what I can do for you with Trial Project.



George Clay

First of all, important you know this...

My lead qualification phone process has me on the phone making the calls.

There's no room full of telemarketers pushing to get you contact names for worthless follow-up calls.

Phone lead generation services have a terrible reputation for cranking out this type of stuff.

Lead qualification phone process
Me doing outreach phone prospecting
What's different

I qualify prospects with introductory discovery calls.

Old school outreach with hardly any selling.

Just finding out if there's an interest which in most cases there is none.

That's the grind of real-world prospect qualifying!

Weeding out the good ones from the mostly bad ones.


It's a methodical lead qualification phone process that develops over-time and not with a single phone call.

There's much more that goes into this phone lead generation test process.

But you get the idea.

It's work.

And it takes time.

But it eliminates completely the inefficiencies of conventional lead generation marketing efforts.

If this phone lead generation test sounds like something you want to try here's how we get started.

Select the prospects you want contacted.

  • New prospects from an outside list.
  • Old customers who have drifted
  • Folks from your house list of existing prospects (BEST CHOICE!). Working ¬†your house list is a sales strategy winner . Select 25 names from your list. Yes, 25 names is plenty.

Call me to discuss what you want and need.

If I can help you I will.

If I can't, I'll tell you right away.

Business outreach to clients you would normally meet at trade shows or conferences or meetings you were planning to attend but have decided to put on hold due to travel concerns is where you may want to test my outreach services.


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Get more info! Send me an email and tell me what you need