New client outreach test strategy

You can laugh at this outreach strategy it old-school and outdated

But it works.

George Clay

Set a new client outreach test goal — say 30 days — for getting 50 good quality leads from outbound list-building.

Have your outreach person contact 100 prospects.

Have some sort of preparatory mailing.

lead generation test

  • Test two ways. (1) Call first…saying “I’d like to send you some thing with your per mission and get back to you after you look it over. You’ll find you can save a lot of money with our services. In fact, we’ll give you a 30% discount on your first order”.
  • Second new client outreach test is to call after the mailing…and not before.
  • Both methods minimize intrusion factor…making it easier to “get in the door”. Saves time for telemarketer.
    lead generation test
    Lead generation test using TeleMagic.
  • Lead Generation Test vs. Appointment Setting. Make certain your phone people know the purpose behind their calls. Setting appointments vs. qualifying their prospects for future contact. Best to qualify prospects for future contacts BEFORE trying for appointments.
Keep Your Outreach Test Simple

Make your outreach test using one person doing the sales prospecting.

Do not get talked into using multiple phone people for first test.

Because you control who is making your calls and when they are being made, outbound lead generation test costs are much easier to control than inbound costs.

So keep it simple.

  • Start with your house list. It's where you'll get your highest response rates.

Does not matter if you outsource to a call center or do it yourself  in house,  keep your lead generation test simple. Test lead generation sales prospecting on a small scale.
Gradually expand your sales prospecting…but only when test results merit growth.
By testing and measuring sales prospecting response rates you’ll know what’s working…and what’s not.

And careful who you hire!

The right phone prospecting person will prove invaluable.

The wrong person can cause real harm.

lead generation test
George Clay
Get updates on ways Lead Generation Development by phone can help your business grow ---especially in this economy. Also, go here for DMA 2012 response rate reports for lead generation marketing media. Plus this Advertising Age update on B2B phone marketing.

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George Clay

Get updates on ways my custom phone prospecting can help your business grow ---especially in this economy.

Also, go here for DMA 2012 response rate reports for lead generation marketing media. Plus this Advertising Age update on B2B phone marketing.

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