Lead Generation Telemarketing Tips

lead generation telemarketing
George Clay

Lead Generation Telemarketing Tips

Lead generation telemarketing is a practical way to grow your business.
When you work the phones and make the calls you can advertise your services and market your business at your own pace and in a personable style that sets you apart from mass volume telemarketing call centers.

Tested Lead Generation Strategy

That’s the lead generation  strategy I  recommend  you try— regardless of your industry or how many sales reps you employ.
But you want customers…not just sales leads.
So how do you get customers from your telemarketing lead generation?
Use real-time follow-up calls!
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Voice-mail or email follow-up don’t count.

REAL time follow-up calls establish good rapport…forward the sales process..and keep your prospects and your customers from drifting away.
But most salespeople are too busy or just don’t want to make those calls.
Lead generation follow-up process? There is none!  Just farm out the sales leads and leave it to each sales person to bring home the bacon.
Is this how your sales team operates?[singlepic id=106 w=170 h=90 float=right] Ready to change how you organize and process your lead generation telemarketing call backs?

Try these tips for getting on track with your lead generation telemarketing follow-up calls.

  • Use sales prospecting follow-up to renew relationships with lapsed clients and build your customer base.
  • Follow-up calls to your house list are especially important. They build customer loyalty and help keep customers from drifting away.
  • Be on time with your follow-up sales calls. Prompt follow-up separates you from the competition and helps build long lasting business relationships.
  • Today’s business sales prospecting is all about building relationships. And that takes time. The key is follow-up calls. They keep you in front of your prospects.
  • Work your business sales prospecting follow-up calls into a methodical strategy that moves your prospects through your sales funnel…educating and informing them about what you can do for the

Lead Generation Telemarketing: Getting Real-World Appointments 

Quality business development appointments do not happen overnight.
Routine follow-up calls plus e-mail follow-ups work wonders to get you in the door for a face-to-face meeting.
Also, lead generation telemarketing is a form of direct marketing.[singlepic id=74 w=270 h=190 float=right] And building a highly targeted database is the key to any successful direct marketing campaign.
Therefore, view each call as a means for fine tuning your business development database. It’s a work in progress that never ends!
Improve Your Lead Generation Telemarketing
Get updates on ways Business Development Phone Marketing can help your business grow —especially in this economy. Also, go here for DMA 2012 response rate reports for lead generation marketing media. Plus this Advertising Age update on B2B phone marketing.

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