Lead Generation Sales Process

Email Mail Marketing Campaigns, B2B Podcasting and  Webinars Help You Build Your Prospect Base, Get Closer To Your Customers  And Close More Sales Faster by improving your sales prospecting process.

lead generation sales process
George Clay

Sales people who never before had to make an appointment need to learn how to build their own b2b prospect lists, develop distance based relationships with these prospects…. and then convert the best prospects  into customers.

B2B sales prospecting technology can help you accomplish this faster and more efficiently…allowing you to leverage your  time so you work smarter…not harder.

Automate Your Lead Generation Sales Process

And it all starts with your sales prospecting.

The key is working your prospects into your sales funnel…then cultivating them — over time —with automated follow-ups via email marketing campaigns, web conferencing, and podcasting.

You still need to make those sales prospecting follow-up calls.

But you’ll make more sales in less time if you add email marketing campaigns, pod casts and webinars to your  lead generation sales process.

Unsettling News For Old Way Lead Generation Sales Process 

This article in FORBES may unsettle your lead generation sales process.

Reading it may force you to rethink how you go about getting and keeping customers.

Prospecting B2B In The Age Of The Customer 

Called 7 NEW RULES FOR PROSPECTING IN THE AGE OF THE CUSTOMER it tells of the massive shift in the marketplace of business to business sales.
This upheaval is the relationship between buyer and seller.
Buyers no longer need you the seller in front of them to make intelligent buying decisions.
Your importance  to a buyer is vastly diminished if you follow old way selling habits.
Forget prospecting for appointments.
The digital age has pushed appointment setting off the high ground it held for so many years.
Appointment setting is now a loser’s game.
Sure, face-to-face appointments matter…but their significance in the sales cycle has faded.
The importance of this dynamic for anyone in B2B sales and marketing cannot be understated.
Bottom Line: If you are prospecting for appointments  you are playing a loser’s game.
Get over it. Or get yourself another job — but not in sales.
With that in mind my page on prospecting for new clients also may be worth a look.

lead generation sales process
George Clay

If you want better qualified sales leads, higher conversion rates and more revenue per sales lead than is typically achieved by traditional business prospecting B2B I can help you.

Get updates on ways my Lead Generation Sales Process can help your business grow —especially in this economy.

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7 New Rules for Prospecting In The Age of The Customer