Lead Generation B2B Database

Finding good quality B2B databases for the level of decision makers in the industries you target is no easy task.

Business list companies you can try.

But no matter where you purchase your list you’ll end up cleaning it yourself.

That’s because much of the data is either outdated or fails to identify the correct contacts with an interest in your particular product or service.

This is where lead generation b2b database building can help you.

Building good quality B2B databases with contacts who have at least some idea of what you offer and are qualified as the correct contact.

This is database building, not lead generationLead Generation B2B Database

But lead generation without good quality databases is a mistake too many B2B sales organizations rush into making.

They buy list after list only to discover the leads are not panning out because the contacts are dead ends and have no influence in controling a purchase or selecting a vendor.

My approach identifies senior decision makers you can target in the knowledge they not only exist but are aware of our product and interested in hearing more.

My custom database building services are well suited for sales organizations in high-end or technically complex business products or services.

What do I mean by custom database building services?

First of all, it is not sending out email blasts.

And it’s NOT intrusive or annoying like the telemarketing calls you are used to getting.

But something entirely different.  

Call it old-school relationship building by phone.

What I’m talking about is speaking directly with your prospects by phone…

…engaging in real-time, meaningful dialog rather than voice-mail or sending automatic e-mails like you (and your competitors) are used to doing.

That herd mentality — doing the same thing over and over like everybody else trying to sell you something or win you over to their way of seeing things — that’s what I want you to put aside for now…