Are you losing customers to lower priced alternatives?

George Clay

If  you're like me no matter where you turn for whatever it is you are looking to buy you either pay up and take the hit or look for cheaper alternatives.

Same thing applies to your customers.

Either they value what you offer or they look elsewhere for lower prices.

As this inflation thing works through every business it will force us all to rethink what we offer our customers.

What makes you outshine the competition?

Is that extra "something" you offer understood by your customers and anyone considering your services?

As prices go up and critical price points are broken you can almost count on falling demand for your services if price is what makes you stand out from the crowd.

To avoid losing customers so they don't drift away or get taken away by the lure of lower prices you'll need to push extra hard on how you treat your customers.

Boils down to showing them that you understand what they want and need...and when they need it!