Research sheds new light on how buyers prefer you contact them

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How buyers like being contacted is proactively --- by phone!

And the more senior the buyer you are trying to contact the more that buyer prefers you reach out by phone.

Stats, research and interviews prove it's a preferred way buyers --- especially the senior buyers with more buying authority --- want you to contact them.

To be sure you will need more than an introductory phone call to make virtual selling work for you.

But the initial outreach by phone is something way too many sales organizations overlook because they either do not want to do it or believe it no longer works.

Mike and his RAIN Group research team are recommending  phone prospecting and cold calling as part of an overall campaign for virtual selling success.

Toyota...Harvard Business School...Oracle...Fidelity Investments...Ryder...Hitachi...Lowe’s --- to name just a few are some of their clients.

So you may want to bookmark this interview and share with your co-workers or anyone you know who is looking to do more virtual selling in a way that is productive and profitable.


Marketing new clients by phone

finding new clients with direct outreach
George Clay

You probably think making phone calls to get new business is a waste of time.

But old-fashioned phone calls to the right people at the right time can go a long way to getting your foot-in-the door with clients you'd like to develop down the road into maybe buying something from you.

This specific style of outreach is my specialty.

Getting you noticed in a very favorable way.

I can’t promise you hundreds of new clients.

But I can tell you something so simple as a phone call to the right people with the right message can go a long way in getting you noticed in a very favorable way.

Especially if you want your customers and anyone you want to develop as your customer to remember you as going the extra mile to deliver what is so hard to find these days when everybody is cutting corners and losing touch with what their customers want.

Bottom Line: If you want more referrals...more repeat customers...AND MORE MONEY you may want to give this a try.

Marketing new clients by phone is easy to overlook in our digital age where high-tech has taken over so much of our daily interactions with customers.

But reaching out in a genuinely human way can make all the difference because hardly anyone in sales does this anymore.

So, if you are interested in outreach to find new clients with this approach ---- a process that takes time --- I'm here to help.