Research sheds new light on how buyers prefer you contact them

Interview on virtual selling success

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How buyers like being contacted is proactively --- by phone!

And the more senior the buyer you are trying to contact the more that buyer prefers you reach out by phone.

Stats, research and interviews prove it's a preferred way buyers --- especially the senior buyers with more buying authority --- want you to contact them.

To be sure you will need more than an introductory phone call to make virtual selling work for you.

But the initial outreach by phone is something way too many sales organizations overlook because they either do not want to do it or believe it no longer works.

Mike and his RAIN Group research team are recommending  phone prospecting and cold calling as part of an overall campaign for virtual selling success.

Toyota...Harvard Business School...Oracle...Fidelity Investments...Ryder...Hitachi...Lowe’s --- to name just a few are some of their clients.

Bottom Line:  You can't sell the same way you did pre-2020.

If you do, you won't achieve the same results.

But change isn't easy.

And that's where this interview can help.

So you may want to bookmark this interview and share with your co-workers or anyone you know who is looking to do more virtual selling in a way that is productive and profitable.

Cost-saving alternatives to "Business As Usual"              

George Clay

When it comes to helping you win sales remotely, what I bring to the table is a blend of skills for getting you in front of the right people in a way that gives you more control over spending plus the agility to reduce costs by making your outreach more flexible (click here for some examples).

Not replacing what you do.

Just helping you get in front of more buyers --- but without the "Corporate Sales and Marketing " structure that no longer works like it did pre-2020.