How to create sales leads by hand

George Clay

If you're looking for free leads and how to get them for sales here's what has worked for me and may possibly work for you.

But there are some challenges because you will be creating your leads and that involves researching your prospects and making sure they fit your niche and therefore are more likely to be interested in whatever it is you bring to the to create sales leads by hand

Furthermore, you will have to extract those leads or contacts from on-line directories and manually copy-paste each entry to your CRM so you can build your list from the ground up, one sales lead at-a-time.

Of course, the trick is making sure the data you collect includes things like phone size by sales volume and employee well as contact names and titles for the prospects you want to reach.

Are you thinking this too much work and too tedious a process for you to tackle?

Can't blame you for that, because what I am describing is indeed a process and it does eat up your selling time.

But ask yourself how much time and money you end up wasting on leads you buy from rented lists with contact data that is either outdated or for any number of reasons is stuffed with prospects that do not match your requirements.

Self-reliance is what I'm getting at and when you build your list in the way I am suggesting you are really putting yourself in the drivers yourself more hands-on control on what it costs you to get and keep each customer you bring in the door.

I call it list-building from the ground up with good quality prospects validated as showing an active interest in what you can do for them.

Of course, this is not a quick fix for getting new clients.

Just part of an overall outreach process that puts you in the driver’s seat for taking more control over your professional sales journey.

Do it right and you’ll build a loyal client base that will likely result in more referrals...more repeat business...and more money.

I'll have more to say about how to create sales leads by hand, but for now wanted to get you thinking about this as something you might find really helpful in these days when we all are trying to kick inflation to the curb and anything you can do to accomplish that for better ROI is certainly worth a look.

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