Highest Lead Generation Response Rate

Highest Lead Generation Response Rate when you work your house list by phone.

lead generation response rate
George Clay

They can be prospects you’ve met at trade shows or business conferences. They can be old customers who have drifted away. Or they can be subscribers to your email newsletter.Here you have the largest concentration of  sales prospects already familiar with your business.

Test your lead generation response rate with a small trial project.  Start with your house list…

  • Keep it simple. Select fifty to one hundred prospects.
  • Yes! Fifty to one hundred prospects is all you need for this first lead generation response rate test. Work the phones and make the calls…first with introductory cold calls that qualify each prospect to determine if they merit further contact.
  • Your goal is to weed out the weak prospects…find out who’s worth going after with future call backs.
  • Only if they’re truly interested do you follow-up with a detailed email explaining explaining what you can do for them.
  • From there your follow-up calls continue to qualify their interest and move the sales process forward. You find out which prospects are serious…and which are the so called “tire kickers”.  Some leads are upgraded …some downgraded.
  • Accountability: Make sure EVERY sales lead gets followed-up and is tracked you can quantify and track how well your trial project is working. If you aren’t measuring how well your ads are doing then you are not doing marketing at all but instead PR!.
  • Getting Appointments: I never try for an appointment on the first call. Instead, I speak directly with each prospect and continue to develop and strengthen that relationship for you with lead nurturing follow-up calls.
  • Yes, all this is a process. But from cold lead through satisfied customer it brings you higher lead generation response rates  than one call telemarketing

 What This Means To You

What this means to you is that you can do more with less.
You can launch new products…test new offers… and reach new markets using small trial projects as your launching pad.
It means you can add speed and precision to your marketing…using niche spear head projects to reach new markets faster — before your competitors get there.
It means you can make your sales process more methodical…more efficient by having a system for tracking and managing your sales leads.
It means you’ll have a better handle on where your prospects are in your overall sales process. You’ll know who’s doing what…and the steps you can take to close these sales faster.
It means you’ll no longer waste time chasing down sales leads that are duds. NOTE: Telemarketing companies and lead generation services have a terrible reputation for cranking out this type of stuff. They promise you the moon. But end up sending you junk.
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