High-End B2B Services Explained

I do your hunting, warm-cold calling, prospect qualifying, lead-scoring and lead management…plus real-time (NO VOICE-MAIL!)follow-up calls for you.

 All calls real-time by me. No outsourcing.

This hands-on, one-to-one quality control makes my prospecting a good fit for high-end B2B sales where relationship building and customer service are key to getting and keeping customers.

That’s why after each completed call to your prospects I give you immediate, detailed feed-back of each prospect’s status and what you can do to “get in the door and make the sale.”High-end B2B

Test A Trial Project

Pick any market or prospect group you want to reach out to.

  • Do you have accounts that for whatever reason your people aren’t getting to? Buyers you need meetings or demos scheduled to close a deal or get you referrals so you can meet the real decision-makers?
  • What about “polishing” your prospect base with calls to weed out dead-end prospects…and identify the key players so you can get appointments and close some deals?
  • Another idea: When you focus entirely on developing new prospects your old customers may become neglected. “Good will” calls to these folks can work wonders reviving their activity and generating new orders.

Questions? Fire away. I’ll give you straight answers on ways I can help you get AND keep customers in ways that are practical and easy to test.

Email or Call: 858-756-2085