Why it’s so hard to fill sales jobs

“In business, nothing happens until somebody sells something.”

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George Clay

Forbes is one of my sources for business news and this story caught my eye:Why You Can’t Fill Sales Positions With Millennials, And What You Can Do To Change This.
In business EVERYTHING revolves around sales (“nothing happens unless somebody sells something”).
But how do you get and keep competent sales people?
Before you answer consider this:
” Millennials are developing a reputation as workplace divas who need more hand holding and who will bolt from jobs at the drop of a hat.”
That’s from this survey by Duke University Fuqua School of Business and CFO Magazine.
“About 53 percent of CFOs say millennials are less loyal to the company, 46 percent say the group exhibits an attitude of entitlement and 31 percent believe millennials require more intense management .”
Finding and keeping good sales people was never easy.
But when they’re “young & restless” the task can be downright frustrating…and very expensive!

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