find new customers
George Clay

Trying to find new customers by making calls at lunch or between sales appointments is a hit-or-miss sales process  that leaves much of your prospect base ignored and easier pickings for your competitors.

It's an inefficient process that kills your appointment getting efforts...weakens your credibility...and harms your customer retention rates.

My process of real-time follow-up calls helps you find new customers by establishing trust and building credibility with your best sales prospects.

What's included

  • Build effective call lists with introductory business development cold calls.

  • Develop effective follow-up to your best prospects with lead nurturing follow-up calls.

  • Get you in-the-door so you can make your sales and get more customers.

Trial Project

To make working with me pay out for YOU consider a SMALL trial project.

I develop your prospect list by building solid relationships with key prospects in the markets and the companies you want to reach.

Creating trust with each prospect is my primary goal --- NOT making a sale.

I start the lead qualification process with introductory cold calls.

It's here the weak prospects are weeded out...and the better qualified prospects  are engaged for careful and methodical follow-up calls.

This is where the all important relationship building  process begins.

With each call I capture key details...including:

Your prospect's interest level in your goods or services.

Identify their needs…learn about existing suppliers… and how YOU can pre-empt the competition.

Ask the qualifying questions to make certain your offer matches their needs.

Learn their “hot buttons” --- what is it you can do for them that matters most.

personalized direct outreach
George Clay

It boils down to how I interact with your prospect base.

Your prospects get to know me.

And with each follow-up call I get to know them better.

Yes, it's a process.

But you'll discover this process of personalized direct outreach makes finding and developing key opportunities a lot easier for you and your team than one call telemarketing ever did.