Direct outreach qualified leads

No magic pill. Just basic sales hunting. Old school but it works!

Yet most in sales avoid it! Maybe you, too!


Direct outreach qualified leads
George Clay

By hunting, prospecting, qualifying and nurturing direct outreach qualified leads for you to develop into becoming your clients my business development outreach services can help your business grow.

This includes targeting new clients as well as revitalizing past or inactive clients.

Examples of  direct outreach qualified leads prospecting include...

 Lead Generation: Hunting, prospecting for new business development, interest validation and qualification.

You could have me reach out to a new batch of prospects you want contacted...but for whatever reason your people just are not getting to. Perhaps I can open some doors for you with my relationship-building, real-time follow-up calls.

    • Lead follow up from Trade Shows and other marketing initiatives, including lead management to nurture leads through handover to sales once there is an opportunity. Also lapsed clients you have spoken to or sent a proposal to but did not get the business. Let's reactivate their interest before they drift further away...or get taken away by a competitor.
    • Market Research: Uncover projects that exist today that your sales group is not currently involved in, such as what your competitors are working on
    • Identify specific contacts involved in purchasing process, such as the maintenance support, production engineer, capital equipment procurement
    • Database management - work within the existing database to clean and qualify leads so that accurate data is in place
    • Track all work so each lead gets followed up.
    • Participate in early stages of the sales process, but will not close the sale.

 Is your prospecting list scattered about on slips of paper, business cards or sticky notes?

Direct outreach qualified leads prospecting includes data entry about each prospect you contact and what your conversation covers during your call.

direct outreach qualified leads
Me doing real-time data entry during the call while key points of conversation are still fresh in my mind.

For me, real-time data-entry is key to building quality prospecting lists.

Key data points to capture include:

Your prospect's interest level in your goods or services.

Identify their needs…learn about existing suppliers… and how YOU can pre-empt the competition.

Ask the qualifying questions to make certain your offer matches their needs.

Learn their “hot buttons” --- what is it you can do for them that matters most.

Use real time follow-up by phone for interacting with your prospect  base and developing their interest in what you can do for them.

REAL time follow-up calls mean you engage your prospects with some inter-active, one to one Q&A.

These calls establish good rapport...forward the sales process..and keep your prospects and your customers from drifting away.

  • Building good prospecting lists will change your life and keep your customers smiling.

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