Technology can connect you with almost anyone around the block or around the world.

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George Clay

But there’s something unique that we humans get from interacting with one another that doesn’t come across as well through technology.

In face-to-face communication, you are sharing a moment in time and space with someone.

That is incredibly compelling for our ancient brains.

This one-on-one “sharing a moment in time” with someone is how I approach real-time phone prospecting.

It’s a moment in which you are able to connect with a prospect in a way that cuts across the technology great divide…and builds a rapport you just cannot get with even the coolest web-based technology.

You might call this outreach process “old school” but it has always worked and always will. 

Not just for increased customer loyalty but to show new clients and prospects you are there to give them great service and you understand what they want and need…and when they need it!

More about this in How To Talk Effectively On The Phone: What Research Shows May Surprise You.

  Some things are learned the hard way.

Which is how I learned direct outreach phone prospecting.

Me doing direct outreach phone prospecting

Had been told by many to buy a list and get busy making calls.

Trouble was I ended up buying the wrong lists.

Either too many outdated contacts or companies really not suited for my particular offers.

So I went to on-line directories — trade journals and the like.

But what a tedious process —

Digging out contact data like phone numbers and who best to reach out to at each particular location.

Hours on the web doing this and you can end up with maybe five or six decent data profiles for your call list.

Fast forward to a process I’ve learned which seems to work just fine and eliminates most all the headaches (and wasted $$) I’ve just mentioned.