Direct Marketing B2B

Do you want to build your prospect base without the high costs and employee overhead of traditional marketing and advertising campaigns?

Your bean counters will smile with approval because what I do for you is based on the tested fundamentals of successful direct marketing.

That means test everything with small trial projects.

Why I Do Not Outsource 

My direct marketing B2B service is a bit unique because I do not outsource to third party call centers.

Sure, this limits the projects I handle. But quality before quantity. I’m here to help you grow your business…not sell you a plain vanilla telemarketing service you don’t need.

Direct Marketing B2B Tips

And before going further — do yourself a favor.

Download a FREE copy of the greatest direct marketing book ever written on business market testing.

I’ve been a big fan of this book for years.

My direct marketing services follow the marketing methods described by the author.

Test everything on a small scale.

Keep what works…discard what does not work.

In this way costly mistakes are avoided.

The book is a gold mine of tested direct marketing B2B wisdom that will change the way you think and act about your marketing…your advertising…and your business sales lead generation campaigns.

Now about my Direct Marketing B2B Services…and what I can do for you.

  • Reach new markets…get you new business appointments. Give me a list of prospects you want contacted.
  • I’m pretty good getting passed the gate-keepers and reaching the key influencers and decision makers who run the show.
  • Building solid relationships on the phone…then getting you quality appointments with these individuals is what sets me apart from one call telemarketing services.
  • Improved Lead Quality. A one-to-one personal communication process in which I speak directly with each prospect and develop that relationship for you with lead nurturing follow-up calls is how I work the phones and make the calls.
  • Yes, it’s a process.
  • But from cold lead through satisfied customer it brings you better quality sales prospects…higher conversion rates…and more revenue per sales lead than is typically achieved by direct mail, email marketing, or traditional one call telemarketing.       
  • You’ll be able to track each lead…share lead information…and adjust tactics because I send you call outcome reports for each completed call.
  • Bottom Line: You get a new visibility into the multiple mechanics and dimensions of a marketing campaign.
  • Do more…with lessMy rapid application sales platform is key! This program is absolutely mindboggling. I’ve used it for 15 years and have yet to find anything out there that comes close to organizing, tracking and managing sales leads so everyone stays on track . 


outsourcing business to business phone calls
George Clay

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