Database building explained.

George Clay
How I work with you getting this done.

 I do your hunting and pre-sales qualifying with lead management and lead scoring with REAL-TIME follow-up calls for you. 

For me, real-time data-entry is a must.

Keeps my data fresh and accurate vs. waiting until later in the day when all too easy to forget key points of what was said and what needs to be done.

Of course, pulling together a good list is what you need to do before any real calling takes place.

Here's a good list resource.

Business Lead Lists

Why follow-up calls matter.

  • Best prospects are nurtured by routine call backs from me and follow-up emails from you.
  • Real-Time Follow-Up Calls are essential for gaining trust, learning what your prospects really need and showing how your team outshines the competition.
  • NOTE: Voice-mail and e-mail are OK...but over-used to where their messages too often are ignored (see my post "Lazy Follow-up").
  • WHAT YOU LEARN: With real-time calls you learn active selling opportunities you NEVER hear about unless your ear is on the ground!
    EXAMPLE: Vendor drops jump in to prove what YOU can do. 


Your best database: Dig where the gold is!

It’s your house list of prospects and customers — both active and inactive.

They can be prospects you’ve met at trade shows or business conferences.

They can be old customers who have drifted away.

They can be  subscribers to your email newsletter or webinars.

Same process as described above. All part of updating your database and getting through to the right people.

  • Do you have targeted accounts that for whatever reason your people aren’t getting to?
  • Buyers you need meetings or demos scheduled to close a deal or get you referrals so you can meet the real decision-makers?
  • What about “polishing” your prospect base with calls to weed out weak prospects...and identify the key players so you can get appointments and make your sale?
  • Another idea: Your inactive customers — the ones who have drifted away. “Good will” calls to these folks can work wonders reviving their activity.

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Recommended reading:

Forbes: New Rules for Prospecting In The Age of The Customer

Also: Harvard Business Review reports on benefits of cold call lead development.

From Harvard Business School On-line:  This On-line learning course sounds interesting 


How to build a good prospecting list

It's not for everybody and may not be right for you.

  • Learned this in bits and pieces.
  • Keeping what works while tossing out the bum turns that ended up going nowhere.
  • But what works for you is what matters. ---- so take my suggestions as starting points to get you going in the right direction.

Things you will need ---

A reasonably good contact management program.

My favorite --- TeleMagic.

Streamlines list building --- keeps data organized for rapid outreach to best prospects.

My TeleMagic review is here. 

One-line directories. Here are a some examples.

Good list company.   Accurate Leads ---- Small family owned. Great service. Plus you can test small batches of prospect lists custom built to match your needs. My review of Accurate Leads is here.

Again, it's a process. No magic pill!

An opportunity to learn and collect customer data.

  • Each call provides you with an opportunity to learn about your prospect.
  • Depending on what information is important to you, you can be filling in the gaps in your knowledge about prospects or getting a read on the state of their business.

So, it's important to let your prospect do most of the talking.

Do-it-yourself and save!

George Clay

If you're looking for free leads and how to get them for sales here's what has worked for me and may possibly work for you.

But there are some challenges because you will be creating your leads manually.

And that involves researching your prospects and making sure they fit your niche and therefore are more likely to be interested in whatever it is you bring to the table.

Furthermore, you will have to extract those leads or contacts from on-line directories and manually copy-paste each entry to your CRM so you can build your list from the ground up, one sales lead at-a-time.

Of course, the trick is making sure the data you collect includes things like phone size by sales volume and employee well as contact names and titles for the prospects you want to reach.

List-building from the ground up

I call it list-building from the ground up with good quality prospects validated as showing an active interest in what you can do for them.

Of course, this is not a quick fix for getting new clients.

Just part of an overall outreach process that puts you in the driver’s seat for taking more control over your professional sales journey.

Do it right and you’ll build a loyal client base that will likely result in more referrals...more repeat business...and more money.

I'll have more to say about how to create sales leads by hand, but for now wanted to get you thinking about this as something you might find really helpful in these days when we all are trying to kick inflation to the curb and anything you can do to accomplish that for better ROI is certainly worth a look.