The more you personalize your customer's sales journey the more they are likely to buy from you.

Customer Focused Outreach Services
George Clay

By hunting, prospecting, qualifying and nurturing relationships for your sales reps to pursue my customer focused outreach services can help your business grow.

This includes targeting new clients with just the right message as well as revitalizing past or inactive clients.

Amazon Effect on all B2B selling is why you need personalized customer focused outreach services NOW more than ever.

Real-time Follow-up Is Key

Once a lead is qualified my real-time follow-up calls build trust and credibility in a way that shows your prospect you value their business and you are there to give them the service they need when they need it. 

Because I’m the one making the calls rather than handing off your prospects to a call center you get consistent, hands-on quality control with each prospect I develop for you.

Tested Direct Marketing CRM Process

My customer focused outreach services are an effective and tested direct marketing crm process. 

Not just for increased customer loyalty but to show new clients and prospects you are there to give them great service and you understand what they want and need...and when they need it!

Example: Prospect is unhappy with vendor --- real-time follow-up calls uncover these opportunities you otherwise would never hear about.

I keep your contacts organized and up-to-date by using a sales management program that organizes contacts, phone numbers, call back information and call histories into a single database package.

Remote Work Is Changing How and Where Sales Teams Work

 Marketing Direct Outreach

More than what a sales rep can do!