Customer Development Prospecting

Customer Development Prospecting Calls

customer development prospecting
George Clay

In this economy — when customers are fewer and their demands greater — customer service means survival.
So here’s a tip to keep your customers from drifting away.[singlepic id=102 w=270 h=190 float=right]Use real-time customer development prospecting calls to show them you care and make them feel wanted.
Done with the right personal touch nothing beats phone follow-up to get folks thinking about your business and what you can do for them.
Your active customers are important.
But ignoring your inactive customers — the ones you’ve let drift away — makes it easier for your competitors to steal them away!

Customer Development Prospecting Tips

  • Use phone marketing to renew relationships with lapsed clients and build your customer base.[singlepic id=3 w=270 h=190 float=right]
  • Follow-up calls to your house list are especially important. They build customer loyalty and help keep customers from drifting away.
  • Nothing beats real time follow-up calls for interacting with your prospect  base and showing them you want their business.
  • Yes!  This is more than voicemail or email follow-up.
  • REAL time follow-up calls mean you engage your prospects with some inter-active, one to one Q&A. These calls establish good rapport…forward the sales process..and keep your prospects and your customers from drifting away.
  • Be on time with your follow-up sales calls. Prompt follow-up separates you from the competition and helps build long lasting business relationships.
  • Today’s B2B appointment setting strategy is all about building relationships. And that takes time. The key is follow-up calls. They keep you in front of your prospects.
  • Work your customer development prospecting calls into a methodical strategy that moves your prospects through your sales funnel…educating and informing them about what you can do for them.

Improve Your Customer Development Prospecting

customer development prospecting
George Clay

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