Customer Care Outreach Help

As we continue to get pummeled by inflation here’s something you may want to do for your customers or anyone you think might be interested in your services and what you can do for them.

Reach out to lost customers you want to win back.

Same goes for your active --- but neglected ---- customers your reps are just too busy to get to.

George Clay
You can bet that everyone is concerned...not just about price hikes but which vendors offer best values.
Get closer to your customers! 
So touching base and getting your ear to the ground and listening ---
  • Really listening to what your prospect base needs and wants from you has never been more important.
  • Too many sales organizations ignore this kind of outreach and rely instead on email or voice mail which are OK for plain vanilla outreach.
But reaching out so you can talk with your prospect base to show them you are there to help and listen to what they need goes a long way to building relationships especially with any borderline customers who are close to jumping ship.
  • Also its just good business.
  • After all, it’s more profitable to call someone who already knows something about what you do than someone who might not even need you.
Bottom Line: You’ll get more ROI reaching out to prospects who already have an idea of what you do and are familiar with your services.
You probably have a batch of these prospects sitting around and for whatever reason you are just not getting to them.
If you’re interested in some customer care outreach help we could do a test outreach project of “good will calls” as the first step in getting customers you’ve written off or neglected back to working with you again.

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