Covid-19 Turnaround Strategy

What’s Your Covid-19 Turnaround Strategy?

post covid 19 turnaround strategy
George Clay

Your COVID-19 turnaround strategy probably has zoom meetings replacing your new client face to face meetings.

But trade shows — and your business leads from working those shows — how are you fixing that?

Plus back and forth meetings to meet and develop new clients — those were the good ole days of business travel.

Whatever your COVID-19 turnaround strategy I thought you might be interested in some ways my remote direct outreach services might help you along the way.

Personalized New Client Outreach Makes All The Difference

On the phone your ability to bond with someone —- usually a complete stranger if you’re cold calling — will have more to do with  your tone of voice than anything else.

Words are important.
But it ain’t what you say. It’s how you say it that has more to do with making a successful introduction on the phone than anything else.

Also — on or off  the  phone — another tip:

“Fine talkers are rarely good salesmen.
They inspire buyers with the fear of over-influence.
They create the suspicion that an effort is made to sell them on other lines than merit.” —Claude Hopkins, author, Scientific Advertising.

Mindful to ensure that your company’s intangible brand assests are carefully stewarded, I engage your prospects on a personal, one-to-one level.
My delivery and presentation eliminate the stigma of  “just another telemarketing sales call”.
I present what you do in a low-key way that makes for an effective two-way conversation.

I keep you up-to-date on all your contacts — not only who’s who and where they are in the sales process, but what happened the last time I talked to them.

Just know it is not a quick fix by any stretch but requires lots of patience and hands-on follow-up to show your prospects and also your clients you’re up-to-speed and maybe ahead of your competitors during this COVID-19 turnaround time we are all going through.
I’m here to help and you can call or email me anytime if you’d like to kick around some ideas for working together.