Costly Advertising Myths

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advertising myths
George Clay

Advertising is full of unexpected disasters and costly advertising myths.
Advertising with slick slogans and fancy ads are common.
So are advertising sales reps with a pitch that sells for them…but it can be very costly to you.

Advertising Myths 

They tell you that “only by repeating your advertising over and over will you get “good ROI.”

small business advertising
avoid costly advertising mistakes

Your world is filled with popular and misleading advertising myths.
These myths and half-truths have rooted themselves in our everyday business lives; so deeply, in fact, that it’s often difficult to recognize when you’re doing your advertising more harm than good.
Discover the scientific truths that counter popular myths about advertising with Claude Hopkins’ SCIENTIFIC ADVERTISING.
[singlepic id=54 w=250 h=170 float=left]Claude C. Hopkins was an advertising genius who lived almost a century ago.
Although he was the highest paid copywriter of his day, he was more than just a great ad writer.
He was a visionary who turned advertising on its head by using scientific principles to test which ads worked…and which failed.

For Hopkins, if you aren’t testing the market by measuring how well (or poorly!) your ads are doing then your advertising is a hit or miss gamble.[singlepic id=15 w=320 h=240 float=right]
In his book SCIENTIFIC ADVERTISING he shows you how to remove this gamble from your small business advertising and marketing.

It’s all here.
From making small controlled tests with a limited budget to split copy testing of headlines and short copy vs. long copy.
Not just another memoir of advertising jargon and personal opinion.
This direct marketing advertising book has stood the test of time.
Indeed, what you get today from any of the notable direct marketing gurus is simply a repackaging of what Claude Hopkins said nearly a century ago.
Heed his words. They are as relevant today as when first published in 1923.

Advertising Myths Explained

Reader comments…       

  • “Nobody, at any level, should be allowed to have anything to do with advertising until he has read this book seven times.” – David Ogilvy
  • “If Claude Hopkins was alive today, he would absolutely dominate internet marketing.”                                           – Lance Jepsen, Author of: Internet Marketing:Profits That Lie Hidden In Your Website

 Beneficial For Anyone In Marketing Or Sales 

  • “This will be a beneficial read for anyone in marketing or sales. Even though this book was written 90+ years ago, most of the principles discussed are still relevant today.” …The Book Reviewer
  • “Considered the father of modern advertising techniques, Hopkins believed advertising should be measurable and justify the results it produced. In SCIENTIFIC ADVERTISING he explains precisely how to do that, and the principles he discovered and documented are as true today as when they were first written.” Travis McAshan, web designer & search marketing consultant.
  • “If you’re serious about learning about marketing that really works, get this book.”…
  • “This book is a must read if you’re serious about advertising…These methods work. They always have. They always will.”  Ian Lurie, in Internet Marketing.
advertising myths
George Clay

In this direct marketing book you will learn to test everything you do on a small  scale…before spending money on a larger scale.  In this way needless advertising disasters are avoided.

It’s this no-nonsense approach that has always struck a chord with me…and why I recommend this direct marketing book so highly to my Marketing Direct subscribers.advertising myths
Bottom Line: Your bean counters will smile with approval because the  advertising methods described in this book  are based on the tested fundamentals of successful direct response advertising.