Teamwork is key to effective outreach.

Let's say you were having me do some new client outreach calls to prospects you want contacted.

Right off the bat I'd tell you we need to put our heads together and figure out what to say.

You would educate me on your market niche.

Give me pointers on what you think prospects will respond to.

Nothing long-winded.

Just key words and phrases to help me sound credible and have the prospect do most of the talking.

We collaborate and work as a team.

Me giving you feedback not just on what I'm learning on the phone talking to these people on the other end of the line.

But how your follow-up emails can best answer the questions they are asking about your services.

Also key is flagging the weak prospects -- those best dropped from your list. All part of the teamwork process.

Call it tag-team outreach.

Me on the phone doing pre-sales outreach and  follow-up calls to develop and qualify your best prospects.

And you working these prospects into your follow-up e-mails and social media campaigns.

Boils down to developing and educating niche groups of well-qualified prospects.

Getting them interested in what you can do for them.

And most important...getting them to speak directly with you one-on-one so they can better understand if you're a good fit for what they need.