Cold Call List Tips

cold call list
George Clay

Before You Buy A Cold Call List

Need a call list for cold calling?
List brokers are easy to find.
And they tell you what you want to hear:

“We have the cold call list you need. Just tells us who you want to reach and we can pull the list that matches your request.”
OK. So far so good. Just be aware that no matter where you purchase your cold call list you’ll find yourself cleaning it because much of the contact information can be outdated.
That’s the B2B list business. So what to do?
Build your own cold lead list! Visit on-line directories and publications in the niche markets you sell to. Example: ENR — Engineering News Record lists the Top 200 Environmental Engineering Firms in USA. Form there you can select your target accounts…research their key executives and start making your calls.
Yes, it’s a process. But it costs you nothing but your time. And you will build a prospect list you know has key
execs you’ve personally researched as worthy of your time. That’s the beauty of prospecting by phone — you control
the process and the quality of your prospecting…especially when you build your own prospecting lists from the ground up.
 I could promise you quick success…but I won’t. You’ll need patience and lots of persistence.
But your rewards will be worth your effort.
You’ll have the ability to “make things happen” — to control your sales process more effectively and on your own terms.
It’s the power of cold call lead development and cold call list building….building yourself a pipeline of new business
prospects that you can develop in your own unique ways to becoming your customers.

Improve Your Cold Call List Building

cold call list
George Clay

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