Marketing Direct Cold call high-end business development by phone explained

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George Clay

Not one call telemarketing or call center work. Nothing like that. Marketing Direct cold high-end business development services are entirely different.

  • No hype or fluff. Forget big ads, flashy mailings, corporate jingles, etc. If that’s what you need, hire an ad agency.
  • Proof. I prove what my cold call high-end business development phone marketing can do for you with small trial projects. You measure the results…then decide if you want to expand your test.
  • Lessons from the master. My marketing bible is SCIENTIFIC ADVERTISING, by Claude Hopkins. Click here and sample a few chapters of this timeless masterpiece on test marketing.
  • Putting customers first. A business that sacrifices customer loyalty for short term gain is NOT a good match for my service . My clients put their customers first. If that sounds like you, I can help you “cultivate” key segments of your customer and prospect base with  small trial projects that add value for your customers and make you outshine the competition.
  • No boiler room telemarketing. My cold call high-end business development phone marketing is low key.. never “pushy”. Building relationships on the phone is what I do best.
  • Get involved. When you hire me to prospect for you, I need your help. Support from you and the team behind you is absolutely essential. That means you do whatever it takes to service the prospects and new business leads I bring your way. If lax follow-up is OK with your people, do NOT hire me.
  • No outsourcing—ever! Absolutely no outsourcing of your project to third party vendors. All prospecting calls I make on your behalf are made here, by me in my office. NOTE: Before using any call center make certain you know who will be making calls on your behalf…and where they are located!
  • Can I work your industry? Phone prospectors — the really good ones— can work any industry. Technical data and industry specs are helpful. But prospecting skills (genuine friendliness……business savvy…good etiquette) are even more important.
  • Business to Business. Cold call business development by phone is my niche. Phoning consumers at home is not my game.

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George Clay

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