Finding new clients by phone prospecting

Finding new clients by phone can be a helpful addition to your business development process. But you are probably reluctant to put yourself out there…reaching out to someone new. Or you think it does not works because you are inundated with spammy requests all day and you think all direct outreach is spammy. But the truth is, direct outreach is an effective method of acquiring new work and it doesn’t have to be spammy. That’s especially true when making phone calls to people who know nothing about you. The secret is making these calls in a very low-key way. This […]

Effective Sales Prospecting By Phone

Quick Lesson In Effective Phone Prospecting Effective sales prospecting by phone can empower your sales process in ways that make you a valuable addition to any sales organization. But are you approaching your prospecting with realistic goals? Granted, you want to book appointments or schedule demos or get referrals. Or at least find prospects worth talking to. Yet all you get are individuals with no interest learning what you can do for them. You get discouraged. You look at prospecting by phone as something you are just not cut out for. Sound familiar?  What I want to share with you […]

Business Lead Development Strategy

Give your prospects better service, greater value and more attention. Stay in front of these folks. Send out follow-up letters and emails. Same goes for follow-up calls. Deliver them on time…as promised. Winning Customer Loyalty  It’s is all about building relationships. And that takes time. The key is follow-up calls. They keep you in front of your prospects. Work your follow-up calls into a methodical strategy that moves your prospects through your sales generation funnel…educating and informing them about what you can do for them. The Competitive Time Clock Is Ticking Targeting your customers are the price driven bottom feeders. Because […]