Advertising Mistakes

Avoid Common Advertising Mistakes Paying too much for advertising or marketing that looks good but flops? Here are tested tips from the trenches to help you avoid these expensive advertising mistakes. Everyone’s An Expert  “…most national advertising is done without justification. It is merely presumed to pay. A little test might show a way to multiply returns.” Advertising Campaigns: “Almost any advertising question can be answered cheaply, quickly and finally by a test campaign. And that’s the way to answer them — not by arguments around a table.” Things Too Costly: “Many things are possible in advertising which are too […]

Classic Direct Marketing Book

Classic Direct Marketing Book reader comments…        “Nobody, at any level, should be allowed to have anything to do with advertising until he has read this book seven times.” – David Ogilvy “If Claude Hopkins was alive today, he would absolutely dominate internet marketing.”                                           – Lance Jepsen, Author of: Internet Marketing: Profits That Lie Hidden In Your Website  Beneficial For Anyone In Marketing Or Sales  “This will be a beneficial read for anyone in marketing or sales. Even […]