What is Marketing Direct Sales Outreach?

 Marketing Direct sales outreach is about establishing and then building trust and credibility with your customer and prospect base. It’s a process or cycle of gathering and using customer data to improve your interactions with specific targeted customers and prospects…over time and not with a single phone call. What It Will Do For You Done well, this process will boost customer engagement and loyalty, plus help your marketing and sales performance. My Marketing Direct sales outreach process was developed specifically for this type of “hands-on” high-end direct marketing process…and cannot be replicated by mass volume telemarketing. Yes, It’s a Process! […]

Telemarketing New Clients

 This Tested Stragegy May Work For You.      Just about everybody wants new customers.    A tested approach I favor for telemarketing new clients is non-intrusive and builds trust and establishes credibility in a way that gets through to the right people and builds a relationship with them over time and not with a single phone call.       This approach is not for everybody and may not be right for you. But it sure has worked for me and also for my clients. I call it high-end telemarketing. Important you know it’s not pestering people with annoying phone […]

Cold Calling B2B Services

Cold Calling B2B Services for sales organizations in high-end or technically complex business products or services Forget mass volume cold calling b2b services. My cold calling b2b services wins you new customers with an old fashioned, me-to-you conversational style you just can’t get with traditional marketing or ad campaigns. Here’s what I can do for you Build your B2B sales development prospecting list with introductory cold calls. Develop the qualified sales prospects with lead nurturing follow-up calls. Get you Appointments by methodically working this business development lead cold calling list. Make your sales prospecting more efficient so every qualified lead gets […]

High-end Business Development Prospecting

High-end business development prospecting is not mass volume telemarketing. By prospecting and qualifying your leads in a personal and distinctive way I engage your prospects in meaningful, real-time one-to-one conversation to show them that         What you do is different.                         What you offer is different. And that YOU are different.  Establishing Trust and Credibility  No outsourcing—ever!  All prospecting calls I make on your behalf are made here, by me in my office. NOTE: Before using any call center make certain you know who will be making calls […]

Build Client Prospect Lists

If you are running low on new prospects it’s time to pick up your phone and start making some calls. What I’m talking about is old school phone prospecting to build client prospect lists. Developing a base of well-qualified prospects interested in learning what you can do for them. Yes, it’s a process! To build client prospect lists here’s the process I use and recommend. Phase One:  Introductory warm-cold calls to find prospects worth pursuing. Phase Two:  Best prospects are nurtured by routine call backs from me and follow-up emails from you (see my post Appointment Setting Mistake).  Real-Time Follow-Up Calls […]

New Client Outreach Telemarketing

Use These Research Findings To Improve Your New Client Outreach Telemarketing Campaigns     For successful new client outreach telemarketing campaigns the ability to bond with someone —- usually a complete stranger — is an absolute must. What callers hear on the other end of the line can make a world of difference when it comes to how they perceive the quality of service your company provides as well as your overall reputation. So how do you effectively communicate all this — on the phone — usually to a complete stranger…and in a very brief phone conversation? More To Do With […]