TeleMagic Contact Management

 TeleMagic Contact ManagementMy favorite contact management is TeleMagic.For my sales prospecting and lead development, TeleMagic is the gold standard of contact management.But today’s cloud-based CRM “solutions” are better known than TeleMagic.Give them a try…but before you buy here’s an article worth a read: 11 Terrible CRM Systems For Your Company.​What’s great about TeleMagic is it really does work! And that’s why I hope you will give TeleMagic a try.Contact Management Like No OtherThere is no CRM product out there — regardless of cost and hype — that delivers the DIY functionality and flexibility of TeleMagic.By that I mean you control how you want […]

TeleMagic Business Automation Cloud

TeleMagic Cloud CRM Designed Specifically For Small Business Business automation is supposed to make your work easier! But cloud-based business automation has gotten so complicated — and expensive!— it’s not worth the trouble for most small business owners. Plus, you are constantly on hold for tech support…and when you do get through you are fed tedious instructions on the new system that locks you into working the way those smart techies want you to work. If this sounds familiar, I have great news for you. Easier business AND BETTER automation with The TeleMagic Cloud.  TeleMagic business automation is the practical alternative […]