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Business to Business Telemarketing Update

business to business telemarketing
George Clay

According To The Direct Marketing Association, outbound business to business telemarketing is beating email marketing…direct mail… and social media.  

The secret is to use telemarketing with the right personal touch and not merely as an indiscriminate numbers game.
This is especially significant for small business to business telemarketing
It gives you the ability to establish one to one personal contact with new business prospects in a very personal way…ahead of the bigger companies with larger, less personalized sales and marketing organizations.

But do yourself a favor. Forget one call business to business telemarketing.

Think instead of real-time follow-up calls.

business to business telemarketing
Business to business telemarketing withTeleMagic, the first & many say the best CRM software for the PC.

Or put another way, identify key prospects with introductory cold calls. From there use real-time follow-up calls to develop these prospects and work them into becoming your customers.

Outsourcing Business to Business Telemarketing

Outsourcing to call centers is fine for high volume cookie cutter telemarketing.

But this is not the kind of business to business telemarketing  I suggest you try — especially if your business is small business.

My advice is test your business to business sales generation  on a much smaller scale…something far more personal and way more practical for the small business owner.

This specialized small business telemarketing service is what I offer at MARKETING DIRECT.

My B2B telemarketing service is specifically for small business. I use small trial projects that let you get a feel for what I can do for your business…reaching new markets…getting new customers…and taking better care of your existing customers.

Improve Your Business To Business Telemarketing

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