Business Sales Techniques of B2B Sales Superstar

 Achieve Superstar B2B Sales Success: Follow Business Sales Techniques Of Superstar Sales Reps!

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George Clay

Within the vast multitude of B2B sales reps there are elite groups that transcend the traditional role of sales agents to become sales G-I-A-N-T-S.
What business sales techniques make these b2b sales rep superstars succeed where ordinary sales reps fail?

 Profiles of 6000 B2B Sales Reps

A sales efficiency research group at a publicly traded company that provides advisory services to businesses worldwide was determined to find the answer.
They made a survey of over 6,00 b2b sales reps world- sales techniques
They interviewed b2b sales reps in large corporate, mid sized, government, and financial services organizations across numerous industries.
They studied how these sales reps attract and convert buyers…their business sales techniques…how they structure  targeted conversations with buyers so they can diagnose purchasing needs and identify internal barriers to purchases.
From this survey an analysis was made to determine what makes top-performing b2b sales reps successful.
It  concludes that when it comes to attracting and converting buyers b2b sales reps fall into one of five profiles:
These profiles are listed here.
Each of the sales profiles has merit.
But the clear winner may surprise you.

Enhance Your Business Sales Techniques 

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George Clay

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