Business Sales Prospecting Services

No magic pill. Just basic sales hunting.

Fills gap where you probably need help

Business Sales Prospecting Services
Me using TeleMagic, the first and many say the best CRM for the PC.
Consider testing my Business Sales Prospecting Services.

 Introductory cold calls

Lead Nurturing follow-up calls

Appointment Setting

List-Building & Lead Management with full notes & records of each call at all stages
Call Outcome Reports so you can share information and adjust tactics
I work the phones and engage your prospects...showing them you want their business.
My follow-up calls build relationships and develop these prospects into becoming your customers.

My business sales prospecting services are designed specifically for this type of relationship building sales process.

I use small trial projects that let you get a feel for what I can do for your business...reaching new markets...getting new customers...and taking better care of your existing customers.

What My Business Sales Prospecting Services Can Do For You

  • Build your prospect list with introductory cold calls.
  • Develop these  sales prospects with lead nurturing follow-up calls.
  • Get you Appointments by methodically working this prospect list.
  • Make your sales generation process more efficient so every lead gets followed up.
  • Give you full notes & clear records of each call at all stages.
  • Give you DAILY Call Outcome Reports so you can share information and adjust tactics.
  • Save you money…using small Sales Generation By Phone TRIAL PROJECTS

Are My Business Sales Prospecting Services Right For YOU?

George Clay

From technology to manufacturing to intangible goods and professional services a really good business sales lead generation phone person can identify and generate sales opportunities for you with senior-level decision makers and influencers in ANY industry.

Yes! I said "any industry".

Sure, knowing your specific sales channel lingo helps.

But over-the-phone prospecting skills --- genuine savvy...good etiquette --- are even more important.

What makes my outreach different

George Clay

My approach is not the usual telemarketing strategy used by call centers.

I build a rapport to establish a credible business relationship over time and not with a single phone call.

Seamless integration with your sales process.

Intelligent dialog.

Comprehensive pre-sales call campaigning

With follow-up calls for enhanced lead nurturing and lead tracking so you know what's going on with each prospect and each customer. 

Immediate feedback on what your customers want

And how you can satisfy that need for higher customer retention.

Developed specifically for this "hands-on", one-to-one customer experience engagement my services are well suited for engaging high-level executives 

Including owners and high net worth individuals.

Call centers you can try.

But helping you build strong relationships with your customers and your prospects so they become more loyal to you and keep buying from you is how I'd like to work with you.

Get more info! Send me an email and tell me what you need