Business Sales Lead Generation Test

Business Sales Lead Generation Test

business Sales lead generation test
George Clay

Consider a business sales lead generation test with me personally doing the sales prospecting and lead qualification process for you.

No outsourcing or handing off your call list to a telemarketing service or call center.

I do all the sales prospecting myself.
Sure, this limits the prospects contacted.

But with this business sales lead generation test, quantity is good, but quality is better.

That’s why I urge you to start with a small trial project.
You monitor results and see for yourself which sales leads are turning into prospects you want to pursue…and which ones are duds.

With this business sales lead generation test process you are better prepared to launch new products…test new offers…reach new markets —- with a speed, flexibility cost effectiveness  that you will find nowhere else.

  • This is NOT one call telemarketing. It’s a methodical process that establishes good rapport…forwards the sales process…and gently prods the prospect to becoming involved with your company. It takes time and effort…but it PAYS as hit-or-miss telemarketing never did.
 The Truth About Lead Generation-Prospect Qualifying

Phone prospectors — the really good ones — can work any industry.

Technical data and industry buzz words are helpful.  But over the phone skills —genuine friendliness…business savy…good etiquette — are even more important.

Are We A Good Match?

If you want to broaden your relationship with customers and potential customers via phone based sales prospecting AND methodical lead-nurturing follow-up that enhances the perception of your business while driving revenue and boosting sales in ways you can track and business sales lead generation test program may be a good fit for your business.

A business that sacrifices customer loyalty for short term gain is NOT a good match for Marketing Direct.

My clients put their customers first.

If that sounds like you, I can help you and your sales team “cultivate” key segments of your customer and prospect base with niche spear head sales prospecting projects that add value for your customers and make you out shine  and out sell the competition.

Business Sales Lead Generation Test“Always do right. It will please some people
and astonish the rest.” …Mark Twain