Business Lead Lists That Don't Disappoint

business lead lists
George Clay

Have you ever purchased a business lead list only to find your money wasted on bad data?

All I can tell you is just like you I've run into list companies that left me cold.

Too many old mailing addresses or wrong numbers or outdated contact information.

Even some big name outfits --- they really disappointed!

But ten years ago things changed for the better.

I stumbled across a small family owned company which I found on the internet.

Accurate Leads. Here's the link.

Never heard of them before but their website looked credible.

I called them and was impressed with how I was able to work with the same person whenever I had questions or last-minute tweaks for my list research.

So after a day or two of smoothing out the wrinkles I decided to test their data with a list I purchased not for a client but for myself to do my own outreach calls.

What I liked especially about their service is how they  worked with me editing and cutting out prospect data not suited for my particular niche project.

To this day I continue working this way with them on  every list I build for anyone interested in my outreach services.

The process is very flexible so you can test small batches of prospect lists custom built to match your needs.

Selecting leads by industry, job function, and a number of other demographics are pretty clear cut and easy to do.

Selections include:

  • Employee Size
  • Type of business
  • SIC Code
  • Sales volume
  • Years in business
  • Phone numbers
  • Credit rating
  • Headquarters Geography
  • Executives by title
  • Franchises
  • Website Address
  • Medical professionals
  • Growing Businesses
  • Fortune Executive
  • New Businesses
  • Credit rating
  • Number of computers
  • Number of white collar
  • Manufacturing site

Their business lead lists database is created from over 100 unique sources.

  • 19,000,000 Company Locations
  • 24,000,000 Executives.

So, yes --- there are some good business lead lists out there.

Just avoid fly-by-night data companies selling old data...or any list company you do not feel comfortable with.

My toolbox for building a good business lead list  

Learned this in bits and pieces ---- keeping what works while tossing out the bum turns that ended up going nowhere.

What works for you building good prospect lists is what matters ---- so take my suggestions as starting points to get you going in the right direction.

Things you will need ----

A reasonably good contact management program.

My favorite --- TeleMagic.

Streamlines list building --- keeps data organized for rapid outreach to best prospects.

My review of Telemagic is here.

Important: List building without a good CRM platform is a fool's errand. So get one an learn the ropes.

Good list company.

Small family owned. Great service.

Plus you can test small batches of prospect lists custom built to match your needs.

Again, it's a process. No magic pill!

Just giving you real-world experience you can test yourself.

Let's work together