Business Development Strategy

Business Development Strategy Made Simple

Think effective business development strategy has to be complicated? Think again! 

business development strategy
George Clay

Reaching new markets and getting new customers — even if you don’t have a large sales force and big bucks for marketing  —  might be less difficult than you think.
In fact, anyone with the right mastery of the basic concepts, techniques and strategies detailed below can develop a pipeline of new business opportunities that become profitable — and do it cost-effectively as well.

Featured In Harvard Business Review

Get a quick, easy and nicely summarized guide to the fundamentals of this business development strategy in this article...from The Harvard  Business Review.
We’re all on a business development strategy quest for that one secret or tool that will enhance our market share, fight off  the negative effects of  price driven competition, and change our business forever.
Yet that secret has actually been hidden in plain sight all along. It’s your telephone…and putting it to use doing what most salespeople dread — cold call prospecting.
Now comes a survey of B2B marketers comes news regarding sales lead quality.
Lowest Quality Sales Leads
At the bottom of 14 identified channels for sales lead quality are leads generated by traditional media.
These are sales leads from print…radio…and TV advertising campaigns.
Now for the good news.
Highest Quality Sales Leads

  • Rated as highest quality by 40% of B2B marketers were leads generated by email marketing (house list).
  • Followed by organic search lead generation (SEO 36%).
  • Telemarketing/cold calling lead generation (35%).

Surprised telemarketing ranks highly for sales lead quality?
You are not alone!
Most B2B marketers overlook this business development strategy completely…or get hooked into trying it by call centers that are not suited for small business marketers.  

Enhance Your Business Development Strategy

business development strategy
George Clay

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