Business Development Direct Outreach

Outreach with a human touch.

Slow but sure way to win clients.

Business Development Direct Outreach
George Clay

What's the secret to business development direct outreach?

We all know technical data and industry buzz words are helpful.

But for me, over-the-phone skills are even more important.

What I'm talking about is genuine friendliness.

Good etiquette. And business savy.

That's my approach when I do outreach phone prospecting.Business Development Direct Outreach

I build a rapport to establish a credible business relationship over time and not with a single phone call.

That's what I mean by outreach with the human touch.

You'll see me explaining this when you watch the video I posted on this page.

Not the usual telemarketing strategy used by call centers.

Developed specifically for one-to-one customer experience engagement my services are well suited for engaging high-level executives including owners and high net worth individuals.

And what my marketing direct business development outreach does for you is just that ---

Get prospects interested in what you do so they want to hear more about you.

But you already do this in-house!

Plus your niche way too specialized.Business Development Direct Outreach

Only sales pros trained in your field can do this right.

Excellent points.

Here's where that human touch comes into play.
Being able to convey over-the-phone (usually to a complete and total stranger if you're cold calling) that you are worth listening to.

Your tone of voice --- how you sound --- is more important than what you say!

Business Development Direct Outreach

My voice and tone happen to be very effective over-the-phone.

My voice and delivery are one of the things that sets my outreach apart from just another telemarketer trying to sell something.

That's why I encourage you to speak directly with me and see if you are comfortable having me represent what you and your brand

But enough of that for now --- when you get time watch my video and you'll better understand what I'm trying to describe.

Also, you'll get help from me with follow-up calls.

Reaching out to qualify your prospects --- their interest in working with you and getting you in the door to meet them.Business Development Direct Outreach

Yes, it's a process.

And that's important to keep in mind.

My business development direct outreach is not a quick fix.

It's tested process for finding really good quality prospects with a demonstrated interest in what you do and wanting to hear more about what you can do for them.

Telemarketing services you can try.

But helping you find and develop new clients so they become more loyal to you and your organization and keep buying from you rather than from your competitors is what I'm here to do.

Your Prospect Lists

Helping your outreach process starts with your list of prospects.

Nothing worthwhile comes easy.

Especially so-called outreach call lists.

Most of what you buy are loaded with junk you need to clean up and that's a real pain.

What to do?

Let's work together