Effective Business Development Cold Call Process Unlike Old-way Telemarketing

Business Development Cold Call Process
George Clay

My business development cold call process incorporates a series of personalized customer experience engagements that contradicts every idea you've had about telemarketing.

It completely eliminates the stigma and annoyance of old way cold calling.

It gets your prospects and your customers to "open-up" and discuss what they REALLY want and need from your organization.

I do your hunting plus warm-cold calling & pre-sales qualifying with lead management & lead scoring with REAL-TIME follow-up calls for you.

 Phase One:  Introductory warm-cold calls to find prospects worth pursuing.

Phase Two:  Best prospects are nurtured by routine call backs from me and follow-up emails from you. 

Real-Time Follow-Up Calls are essential (see memo at right) for gaining trust, learning what your prospects really need and showing how your team outshines the competition.

NOTE: Voice-mail, e-mail and social media are all effective CRM...but over-used to where their messages too often are ignored (see my post "Lazy Follow-up").

WHAT YOU LEARN: With real-time CRM calls you learn active selling opportunities you NEVER hear about unless your ear is on the ground!

EXAMPLE: Vendor drops ball...you jump in to prove what YOU can do. 

Business Development Cold Call Process
Me using TeleMagic, the first, & many would say the best, contact management (CRM) software for the PC.


Reaching out to your prospect base in a very personal way is accomplished with a CRM software that I have used for close to twenty three years.

Called TeleMagic this prospecting software is the first CRM software and many say the best CRM software for the PC.

TeleMagic simplifies, organizes, and programs even the largest business development process list into bite-size segments for fast, accurate and highly personalized contact management.

Business Development Cold Call Process  Summary   

  • Introductory cold calls.

  • Develop best prospects with lead nurturing follow-up calls. See my post  " Cold Call List Building".

  • Get you Appointments by building trust and winning your prospects confidence in what you can do for them.

  • Make your CRM process more efficient so every lead gets followed up.

  • Give you full notes & clear records of each call at all stages.
  • Give you DAILY CRM Prospecting Reports so you can share information and adjust tactics.

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