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Business CRM Automation Designed Specifically For Small Business

business crm automation
George Clay

Come down from the business CRM automation cloud.

Business CRM automation is supposed to make your work easier!

But cloud CRM automation has gotten so complicated --- and expensive!--- they are not worth the trouble for most small business owners.
Plus, you are constantly on hold for tech support...and when you do get through you are fed tedious instructions of the new system that locks you into working the way those smart techies want you to work.
If this sounds familiar, I have great news for you.

Easier is better with Telemagic 

Telemagic business CRM automation is the practical alternative designed with the small business owner in mind.
TeleMagic  is a 100% customizable business  CRM automation tool designed specifically to make the way you interact with your customers and your prospects easier for you to manage than any cloud-based solution.
TELEMAGIC loads directly onto your laptop or desktop.
From there you customize TELEMAGIC to support the way you work...rather than the way cloud-based techies want you to work.

You can create screens that display whatever information you choose, in whatever format you like. You can start with a blank page, and build your Telemagic database to fit the unique ways you run your business.

The Power of  Business CRM Automation

TeleMagic puts all the crm information that will help you deliver your products and/or services in the most efficient and effective manner conveniently at your fingertips.
All your repetitive tasks are automated: calls...letters...quotes...proposals...job scheduling...  sales forecasting...invoicing...and call reports.
It is the power of this CRM information that builds strong relationships.
And it is strong relationships that helps you get and keep customers.

Telemagic Business CRM Automation Highlights
  •  Designed for networks or stand-alone PC
  • Enterprise wide data sync for rapid contact data exchange with field sales reps ---so you can link everyone with accurate, up-to-date information

Better Appointment Setting


    • Contact CRM Tracking History with unlimited notes of relevant information date & time stamped to help you know more for  better appointments because you see the prospect's history BEFORE making an appointment.
  • Three-level relational CRM database that works the way you think!

 Fast CRM search

  • Unlimited Number of Records. You can search for  customer contact data in any indexed field . You can also use filters to build a query for data and can easily browse record data by the current index.
    •  Sales Forecasting, including links to contact records and extensive reporting with graphs 
  • Built-in e-mail
  • Rapid Auto-dialer...allows contact records to be truly integrated with the phone
  •  Built-In Reports to evaluate the overall performance of your salespeople
  • Advanced customization features --- so you can build your own custom applications (proposals...job scheduling...invoicing, etc.)
  • Automation Server for dedicated print and e-mail processing
  • Import and export using popular file formats
  • Mail merge integration with Microsoft Word or e-mail
  • System and field-level security and password protection
  • Context-sensitive help
  • Configurable toolbars
  • User-definable macrosbusiness crm automation
  • Utility Programs for system maintenance
  • Branch Scripting with activity history generation & input fields linked to your contact records --- helps streamline & standardize how you collect customer information, ensuring greater accuracy & consistency of data.
  • Spell Checker
  • U.S. based Customer Service

Why pay $2000 or $10,000 for cloud-based business automation platforms? TELEMATIC runs circles around these so called CRM solutions...and costs just $950!

Update:  Forbes article: What Won't Tell You

business crm automation
George Clay

Although I've been using TELEMAGIC for 23 years I continue to marvel how TELEMAGIC outperforms cloud based CRM applications costing many thousands of dollars more.

Especially noteworthy is TELEMAGIC's estimate/invoicing capabilities.

Telemagic business crm automation
Business crm automation makes work easier!

Are you still using Microsoft® Word® or Excel® to create your price quotes?

TELEMAGIC gives you a much better solution for creating quotes.

If cost and sale info is tracked via a TELEMAGIC estimate/invoice template, you can easily sort out who in your massive list absolutely should get the regular followup. You can also see who beat you up on price and who let you earn a living.

Most small business owners think they know this information intuitively and when things slow down they pick up the phone and go back to the same well over and over easily skipping  some real gyms that the grey cells for whatever reason, didn't recall.

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