Breaking through the noise and capturing ears.

Getting you in front of more buyers --- but without all the corporate sales and marketing that slows you down and costs you more money.

What I bring to the table is a blend of skills for getting you in-front of the right people in a way that gives you more control over spending plus the agility to reduce costs by making your outreach more flexible.
Why Small  is beautiful! The bigger sales organizations too structured and too busy for human touch outreach.

What I can do for you

  • Help you move ahead of bigger, better funded sales teams too busy for the "human touch" outreach buyers respond to.

  • Find buyers interested in what you do and get you involved with them early  --- BEFORE buying process begins.

  • Save you time and headaches reaching the right decision-makers and developing their interest in working with you.

  • Give you a better understanding of where they are in the buying process and when to interact with them so you can pre-empt the competition.

  • Enhance your brand by blending as a virtual member of your team and not as just another sales rep pushing appointments.


The human touch makes all the difference!

George Clay
What I do is something I think every business can use and is especially relevant today where that all important human touch is sorely lacking.

  • New client outreach --- pre-sales discovery calls.
  • Hunting, prospecting, qualifying --- WITHOUT mass volume telemarketing. 
  • Outreach qualifying calls --- organizing and set up.
  • Lead Management - Manage & nurture leads through handover to Sales, once there is an opportunity.
  • Identify specific contacts involved in purchasing process, such as the CIO...CFO..CEO
  • Identify Sales Opportunities
  • Database management - work within existing database to clean and qualify leads so that accurate data is in place.
  • Track all work so each lead gets followed up.
  • Participate in early stages of the sales process, but will not close the sale.

Which of these buyers do you want to reach?

  • Small Business Owners --- you pick your niche prospects and best markets.

  • Buyers --- get them to hear your story and why you are different.

  • Lost customers you want to win back.

  • Active --- but neglected ---- customers your reps are just too busy to get to.

  • Executives written up in trade journals --- introduce them to what you do.

Part of this process and how it works.

Cold outreach calling to find new clients.

You might think this does not work...but it does! 

The secret is that all important human touch.  

But how to do it?

What do you say?

Where to begin?

Use a prospecting script.

It keeps you focused and in control of the call.

marketing direct test
Relax and be yourself for effective cold outreach calling.

Make your introduction short, simple, to the point --- something you can deliver in twenty seconds...without being rushed.

The secret is to keep your call relaxed, almost informal tone.

Be Yourself and the rest is easy

A script you write yourself and are comfortable using will help you accomplish this by giving you confidence and the ability to control each call.

An opportunity to learn and collect customer data

Remember, each call provides you with an opportunity to learn.

Depending on what information is important to you, you can be filling in the gaps in your knowledge about prospects or getting a read on the state of their business.

So, it's important to let your prospect do most of the talking.

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Also: Harvard Business Review reports on benefits of cold call lead development.

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Got Questions?

George Clay

Whether via Zoom, in person, or any way we can communicate, you ask the questions, and I give you my answers.

Question: Does cold call outreach to find new clients require a background in the industry or markets you are calling?

Answer: Surprisingly, industry specific knowledge about the business segments you are calling is NOT essential.

Knowing key words and phrases to get your prospect talking is key.

But over-the-phone skills ---genuine savy...good etiquette --- are even more important.

Question: Your people do just fine on the phone. Why get George Clay involved?

Answer: Making calls at lunch or between sales meetings is how most sales reps do sales prospecting.

At best this hit-or-miss process reaches only a small fraction of your prospect base.

Question: What makes George Clay’s phone prospecting different?Cold outreach calling to find new clients

Answer: My system of hunting, prospecting, qualifying and list-building with real-time follow-up calls gives you the full court press you need to make sales prospecting effective for your business.

Voice-mail, email and social media are all effective CRM…but over-used to where their messages are too often ignored.

Furthermore, real-time follow-up calls make you stand out because so few sales people use the phone to effectively interact with their prospect base.

Question: How do you track who to call?

Answer: Reaching out to your prospect base in a very personal way is accomplished with a CRM software that I have used for close to twenty three years.

Called TeleMagic, this cloud-based platform simplifies, organizes, and programs even the largest prospecting list into bite-size segments for fast, accurate and highly personalized contact management.

Question: What about lists?

Answer: Keep it simple. Are there accounts your people aren’t getting to? Buyers you need meetings or demos scheduled to close a deal?

Whatever list you select, fifty or one hundred prospects is all I need to get started.

Question: Anything else?

Answer: Marketing Direct is an ongoing process of building relationships with select groups of well qualified prospects interested in what you do and wanting to learn more from you.

Yes, it’s a process!

But if you do it right, you’ll build a loyal client base that will likely result in more referrals and more money.