Finding Raisins in Your Raisin Bread

Those raisins are your best qualified prospects…those most likely to purchase.

best qualified prospects
George Clay

Where you find these gems is in your raisin bread —-

That’s your database or prospect list or referrals you get from customers or friends or wherever you go for leads you think worthwhile.

best qualified prospects
Prospecting is a constant filtering process

But finding those prize raisins —- no easy task.

Only a small percentage of these prospects offer REAL sales opportunities.

That’s the filtering process.

And no matter what kind of raisin bread (database…prospecting list…referral network, etc.., etc.) you are digging into you will need time and plenty of work to find and then develop those best qualified prospects.

Building Your Prospect List

Which brings up an earlier post — Toolbox for building a prospect list — the no magic pill version.

Anyway, that post explains some resources for building your raisin bread database.

And it’s  where filtering out the prospects NOT worth your time..and zero-in on the ones most likely to buy from you comes into play.

Enter the real time follow-up calls.

Real-time follow-up calls demonstrate AND prove how different you are  from the competition — nobody else takes the time to make those calls.

When it happens (real-time follow-up) the prospect begins to see the light and understand you are NOT the usual “song and dance” peddler.

You are NOT just another vendor —

But a specialist — a professional who wants to “get it right” so a long-term partnership is established — is the take away message you want to get across from the very beginning.

Does this help?

Long-winded, but explains my services for helping you find those elusive raisins.

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best qualified prospects
George Clay

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