Best Prospecting Software?

best prospecting software
George Clay

What’s the best prospecting software?

Depends who you ask.
Software sellers rave about their CRM. But the end users tell a far different story.Best prospecting software

Have you’ve been “burned” by your prospecting software?

Found it too clunky. Not what you were promised when you signed on to your monthly service “support” package?
Your complaint is all to common.
So what I have to say about the prospecting software I use and recommend you may not believe.

My Vote for Best Prospecting Software

But for 23 years now I continue to marvel how this tried and true program runs circles around everything else out there — regardless of cost and hype — that delivers the DIY functionality and flexibility of TeleMagic.
To me, it’s the best prospecting software ever made for the PC.

Best prospecting software
TeleMagic keeps everyone up-to-date on all your contacts — not only who’s who and where they are located, but what happened the last time someone at your company talked to them.

By that I mean you control how you want to use TeleMagic.
You design it to suit how you work and the unique ways you run your business and how you interact with your customers, your suppliers and your prospects.
With TeleMagic the overall picture of your clients, your suppliers and your prospects enables you to give them what they need when they need it.

Prospecting software is supposed to make your work easier!

But cloud prospecting software has gotten so complicated — and expensive!— it is not worth the trouble for most small business owners.
Anyway, I’ve summed up my reasons (passion) for continuing to use TeleMagic for my business and to help other folks get and keep more customers for their business.                                                                      TeleMagic Info Request Form 

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best prospecting software
George Clay

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