new client development

Only a small percentage of leads offer you REAL sales opportunities. Strategic calling process Me doing outreach with TeleMagic First Phase: Introductory warm-cold calls to find prospects worth pursuing. I work the phones. Weak prospects noted. Stronger candidates flagged for follow-up. Second Phase:  Follow-up calls to uncover active selling opportunities. Best prospects are developed by routine call backs. Again, I’m working the phones and making the calls. What You Learn: Sales opportunities you’ll NEVER hear about unless your ear is close to the ground! EXAMPLE — Vendor drops ball…you get the chance to prove what you can do. Strategic Calling […]

Business Outreach Cold Calling

Business Oureach Cold Calling FAQ plus Tested Tips Question: Why do B2B sales managers consider business outreach cold calling obsolete? Answer: Social media and web based marketing are their focus. And cold calling is misery for their sales people. Question: Is cold call otreach effective? Answer: Harvard Business Review On-Line says cold calling is “the most effective way  to set up appointments with the right decision makers at your target accounts…and should be used by every B2B sales force.” Tips and advice George Clay Effective business development cold calling is a skill—one that can be learned, honed, perfected. Never “Wing It”. Use a script. It […]

Problems outsourcing new client calls

The problem with telemarketers You hire a telemarketer or call center. You get their “dials per hour” and appointments per day. But what you get is usually leads that go nowhere. Are you ok having just another telemarketer represent your brand? The problem with sales reps You leave it to them for reaching out to your prospects and to your customers. But they tell you the same story how they want to make those calls…but never get around to actually doing it (even your best reps are too busy handling their own customers to develop new ones). Voice-mail or e-mail? […]

phone prospecting tips

All too common and probably what you are used to hearing when you get calls from people trying to sell you something are fast talkers and fine talkers. When you make those all important first call intros — slow down and try your best to be yourself without all the trappings of sales pitches that make you sound like just another peddler trying to get through the day and make a sale. Your pace and tone will have more to do with your success than anything else when it comes to getting your prospect to listen to what you are […]

Tired of outsourcing sales pitch?

What Makes My Service Different from outsourcing telemarketing servicesMy approach is not the usual telemarketing strategy used by call centers. I build a rapport to establish a credible business relationship over time and not with a single phone call. Introductory cold calls.Lead nurturing real-time follow-up calls.Seamless integration with your sales process.Intelligent dialog.Comprehensive pre-sales call campaigningWith follow-up calls for enhanced lead nurturingand lead tracking so you know what’s going on with each prospect and each customer. Immediate feedback on what your customers wantAnd how you can satisfy that need for higher customer retention.Developed specifically for this “hands-on”, one-to-one customer experience engagement my services are […]

Uses for outreach phone prospecting

Too many people think outreach phone prospecting no longer works All I can say is it does indeed work IF you do it the right way and with the right personal touch.  Uses for Outreach Phone Prospecting Lead Generation— but do it the right way! Hunting, prospecting for new business development, interest validation & qualification Lead follow up from Trade Shows and other marketing initiatives Lead Management – Manage & nurture leads through to handover to Sales, once there is an opportunity Market Research – Uncover projects that exist today that your sales group is not currently involved in, such […]

Effective phone lead generation

  If you believe like I do that effective phone lead generation requires patience, planning and routine follow-up calls then consider testing my services for your sales organization. Introductory cold calls.  Lead Nurturing follow-up calls.  Appointment Setting.  List Building.  Lead Management with full notes & clear records of each call at all stages. Call Outcome Reports  and OPPORTUNITY MANAGEMENT so you can share information and adjust channel sales marketing tactics. This is Not one call telemarketing or call center work. Effective phone lead generation is entirely different. And it’s why I do not outsource your calls to third party call centers. Sure […]

Overlooked strategy for business development

We all want to get clients, keep clients and re-connect with lost customers. Have you considered reaching out by phone? But not enough time in your day for you to make those calls. So you get people to make those calls for you. The Problem with Telemarketers You hire a telemarketer. Or you outsource a telemarketing call center. And they tell you the same story — how many dials per hour they make and what you can expect in appointments per day. Either way you probably get the same result — mostly junk leads that go nowhere. The Problem with […]