Research on effective outreach by phone

What if I told you that when you introduce yourself on the phone to someone you are calling for the first time what callers hear on the other end has relatively little to do with what you are saying? Research in human communication bears this out. The video on this page explains the research on a successful phone introduction in a way I think you will find both helpful and interesting when it comes to making your phone prospecting more successful. Words are important. But on the phone your ability to bond with someone — usually a complete stranger if you’re […]

Outreach to find new clients by phone

What You Can Expect From My Services Outreach to find new clients by phone Simple Approach  Find…qualify…and build rapport with the right people Your list or outside list. Blend as your virtual team member and not as outside telemarketer. Establish credibility for your brand by on-time and professional follow- Build trust and credibility for your services. Have you as key link for educating best prospects with e-mail follow-ups when needed. Get you in the buyer loop early — BEFORE buying process Discover pain points — what they need fixed and how you can help. Give you ongoing feedback on all […]

How to win sales remotely

Interview with some surprises  What buyers want from sellers in the virtual age. But for me — and maybe you, too — the most remarkable segment comes 20:15 into the interview. That’s when Mike comments on phone prospecting and reaching out to buyers to introduce yourself to let them know who you are and what you do. His findings: Cold calling is not dead. The more senior the buyer you are trying to contact the more that buyer prefers you reach out by phone. Stats, research and interviews prove it’s a preferred way buyers — especially the senior buyers with more buying authority — […]

Customer Care Outreach Help

As we continue to get pummeled by inflation here’s something you may want to do for your customers or anyone you think might be interested in your services and what you can do for them. Does not matter if active customers or lost clients who for whatever reason have drifted away. You can bet that everyone is concerned…not just about price hikes but which vendors offer best values. Getting closer to your customers  So touching base and getting your ear to the ground and listening — Really listening to what your prospect base needs and wants from you has never […]


Outreach phone prospecting suggestions to help you get started Outreach prospecting by phone is pretty simple to set up. That’s because you don’t need a big list or the latest whiz bang software program. Just an idea of what you want to accomplish with each list of prospects you want contacted. To get you thinking how this could work here are some suggestions: Start with any leads you already have on the books…but need them cleaned up and qualified so that your data is accurate and up-to-date. This is probably your best list and will produce the biggest bounce for […]

Inflation’s lure of lower prices

Are you losing customers to lower priced alternatives?If  you’re like me no matter where you turn for whatever it is you are looking to buy you either pay up and take the hit or look for cheaper alternatives.Same thing applies to your customers.Either they value what you offer or they look elsewhere for lower prices.As this inflation thing works through every business it will force us all to rethink what we offer our customers.What makes you outshine the competition?Is that extra “something” you offer understood by your customers and anyone considering your services?As prices go up and critical price points […]

Phone prospecting outreach

If you have tried something like this only to be disappointed with results…                                                                                            Please understand… What I do is completely different from call center telemarketing. My phone prospecting outreach is based on research and testing literally thousands and thousands of outreach calls for my clients over the years. It’s a methodical lead qualification phone process […]

Outreach qualifying calls

Doing outreach qualifying calls to new prospects? List-building is especially helpful when you reach the gate-keepers. I politely say “sorry, I dialed the wrong number”, but flag for call back after hours to reach owners who usually work late. Exceptions are gate-keepers for high-level exec — especially the larger organizations. These gate-keepers usually worthwhile. Try list-building your prospects into three categories: A. reachable prospects during day B. reachable prospects after hours C. reachable only during day and only via gate-keeper C above I generally avoid— more productive to work A and B. Voice mail or leaving messages with gate-keepers I have found ineffective on first calls to new prospects. Q: What goals are realistic for outreach qualifying calls? […]