Marketing Direct Help

marketing direct help
George Clay

No magic marketing direct help pill for new customer outreach.

Just a tested outreach process that works over-time and not with a single phone call.

Developing trust and credibility without sounding like just another telemarketer is key.

My direct outreach prospecting is based on research and testing literally thousands and thousands of outreach calls for my clients over the years.

Marketing Direct Help: What's different?

My lead qualification phone process has me on the phone making the calls.

There's no room full of telemarketers pushing to get you contact names for worthless follow-up calls.

Phone lead generation services have a terrible reputation for cranking out this type of stuff.

Test Month-To-Month.  Cancel Any Time

My system of hunting, qualifying, developing and list-building outreach helps you keep current with both your active and inactive prospects you would otherwise never get to.

Helping your outreach process starts with your list of prospects.

Your Prospect Lists

Nothing worthwhile comes easy.

Especially so-called outreach call lists.

Most of what you buy are loaded with junk you need to clean up and that's a real pain.

What to do?

Let's work together

Are you skeptical?
George Clay

So much these days sounds good but fails to live-up to delivering the goods.

That's why you can test my outreach and see for yourself if you get results and not just empty promises.

I'm old-school and here to help you develop some good quality prospects interested in what you do and and wanting to hear more from you.

Telemarketing services you can try.

But helping you build strong relationships with your customers and your prospects so they become more loyal to you and your organization and keep buying from you rather than from your competitors is what I'm here to do.

marketing direct help

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