Finding Clients with old-fashioned-outreach

finding new clients with old-fashioned outreach
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finding new clients with old-fashioned outreach
George Clay
Finding new clients with old-fashioned outreach ----
Showing your prospects that you are different...your brand is different...and you are taking time to acknowledge them in this unexpected old-fashioned way.
I’m talking about good old-fashioned phone calls to the right people at the right time and with the right message.
This specific style of outreach is my specialty.
Getting you noticed in a very favorable way
I can’t promise you hundreds of new clients.
But I can tell you something so simple as a phone call to the right people with the right message can go a long way in getting you noticed in a very favorable way.
Especially when everybody else is cutting corners and losing touch with what their customers want and need.
So easy to do in our digital age where high-tech has taken over so much of our daily interactions with customers.
Why not show your customers or anyone you want to develop as your customers you are above the fray and going the extra mile to reach out to them in a genuinely human way?
Are you starting to see the value of this kind of old-style outreach? 
So, if you are interested in some old-fashioned outreach ---- a process that is simple to set up and easy to test --- I'm here to help.
Bottom Line: If you want more referrals...more repeat customers...AND MORE MONEY you may want to give this a try.

Are you open to doing some outreach calls? Just a test --- nothing more.

Next step would be speaking with you --- yes, an old-fashioned conversation!