Corporate sales and marketing is melting away.

What worked Pre-2020 is fast becoming obsolete.
Of course,  you can still follow this path but inflation is making everything more costly to the point where anything you can do to cut costs and boost efficiency is worth a look.
What I bring to the table is a blend of skills for updating your new client outreach in a way that gives you more control over spending plus the agility to reduce costs by making your outreach more flexible.
Not replacing what you do.
Just helping you get in front of more prospects interested in hearing your story.
Call it old-school outreach with a personal touch.
You can pick whomever you'd like me to reach out to and see if I get the results you are happy with.

Which of these prospects do you want to reach?

    • Owners of small business --- you pick who you want me to reach out to.
    • Buyers --- get them to hear your story and why you are different.
    • Lost customers you want to win back.
    • Active --- but neglected ---- customers your reps are just too busy to get to.
    • Executives written up in trade journals --- introduce them to what you do while congratulating them on their recent promotion.

George Clay

Haven't you been told that only experienced reps who know your industry can handle new client outreach? That may be true for doing deals and closing sales, but NOT for early stage outreach.

So, P-L-E-A-S-E ---- forget training me on all your widgets. Key talking points ---- that's it. And enough to get the ball rolling. Keeping things simple makes for better outreach and more time reaching the right people. That's pretty much my direct outreach strategy.

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