Introduction to marketing direct outreach services

George Clay

What I do is not what you would call "generating leads" but something quite different ---

collaborative  and flexible approach to blend as part of your team to help you get your foot in-the-door with new clients...well ahead of when their actual buying process begins.

Some of the things I do:

  • Hunting, prospecting for new business development, interest validation & qualification.
  • Lead follow up from Trade Shows and other marketing initiatives.
  • Lead Management - Manage & nurture leads through to handover to Sales, once there is an opportunity.
  • Market Research - Uncover projects that exist today that your sales group is not currently involved in, such as what your competitors are working on.
  • Identify specific contacts involved in purchasing process.
  • Identify Sales Opportunities.
  • Database management - work within the existing database to clean and qualify leads so that accurate data is in place.
  • Track all work so each lead gets followed up.
  • Participate in early stages of the sales process, but will not close the sale.

Audio clip: Introduction

Establishing a good presence on the phone.


It’s not mainstream marketing.

And it won't get you new customers overnight.

But to work your way into high-value accounts and develop key relationships that result in you getting a crack at becoming their vendor you might want to try my marketing direct outreach services.

What I can do for you

Get you through to the right people.
Get you involved with them early  --- BEFORE buying process begins.
Give you a better understanding of where they are in the buying process and when to interact with them so you can pre-empt the competition.
Simplify, organize and program this process for better ROI.


Real People and what they say about my services

  • “TAKE ADVANTAGE OF GEORGE’S SERVICES BECAUSE THEY ARE WORTHWHILE.    I am impressed with George’s persistence in identifying and following up with prospective clients. George and Marketing Direct help us by contacting prospective clients and letting them know about our firm, and putting us together when there appears to be interest. His firm has been effective at doing that. My experience with George has been for three and a half years, and I believe my firm has worked with him for longer than that."      J. R. , Pleasanton, CA


  • “TOTALLY SATISFIED WITH MY EXPERIENCE WITH HIM.    " Was looking to expand my business and was introduced through another sales associate. My experience was a totally great experience. George would make cold calls for me and keep me informed as to his calls. Not only did he bring me solid leads but was always sending me updates and how to proceed on clients. He is ...the best in cold calling and relaying what I and him wanted to bring to potential clients...and George always was on top of when they wanted to be called back and followed through with it. He was the first person I called when I moved to a new position. I knew the end result would be met and he is a game changer in calling and following up on clients."     H.K., Minneapolis, MN


  • EXCELLENT SERVICE RECEIVED FROM GEORGE CLAY.   My knowledge of advertising for myself was zero and Mr. Clay showed me how to put an ad together that would attract atten- tion and bring me prospects, which it did. Mr. Clay puts his foot into your shoe and sees the world from your perspective, and can think accordingly. That’s what makes him unique and easy to work with."  W. B., New York, NY


  • “TAKES THE HASSLE OUT OF COLD-CALL .   George does a great job of handling all the cold calling for prospects, which frees me to handle the details of running the business. He works hard on both the initial contact and all follow-up commu- nications to ensure that potential clients know who we are and what we have to offer. I can’t imagine what it would be like if I had to do it all myself." T.B. San Diego, CA


  • “EXCELLENT!   " Have worked with George almost continously for 20 years. He is excellent at what he does and I highly recommend him." D. J. San Diego, CA
George Clay

Best way to start is with your own list of prospects ---

maybe from trade shows or business conferences or email inquiries to your website.

What I do is more about getting you closer to your customers and making it easier for them to evaluate what you can do for them. .

Helping you establish your credibility as a vendor is part of this process and that's all part of  what I do.

I'm here to help you with this and like I said on the phone talking to you just now your own prospects is best list to start with.

When you get time just let me know something about your prospect list and how up-to-date the phone numbers and contact info is because that makes all the difference is getting you the results you are looking for.

I like working with small business rather than the big outfits which are way to "corporate" and really not a good fit for my services. So, I thought we could try something out and see how it goes.

Nothing really complicated or high-tech ---- just reaching out and building relationships the old-school way.

If you’re OK with that lets try something out and see how it goes — a TRIAL RUN so you get a feel for how this process works and how giving your customers that extra special personal touch can make all the difference in how you are able to get new work and also keep customers doing business with you for the long haul.

You’ll find I’m easy to work with and can help you get this done without the hassle and red tape of doing this yourself in-house.


Is this slowing you down?

Most sales organizations go deep into product knowledge before any real selling takes place and that's probably your thinking as well.
Problem is getting your people up to speed on all your widgets....or finding new people to train and and make sure they know enough to sound credible and worth listening to.
Simplifying this process so things happen at a faster pace and with less red tape is always a good thing.
But how to do it?marketing direct outreach services
 A case study you may find helpful.